Poetry Tuesday: The Way of the Wind

Eternally tasked to roam the planet,

Howling for the gratitude you deserve,

Forgetting, our continuous habit,

Blissful moments you wilfully preserve.

The nectar beginnings of breezy spring,

A welcomed relief from the summer sun,

Fiery, amber parade as the trees sing,

Eye watering frost, that makes a nose run.

Allowing those to dare, a sight to glance,

Endless horizons, every bird must see,

Invisible currents to ride, to dance,

Oh, how beautiful, to be truly free.

Beget vibrancy from the silent earth,

Cheers to every whisper, with boundless worth.

Wind gives life to the seasons in such a wonderful way. When you’re out in nature, it always seems to accompany those small moments. When you’re taking a walk through a forest, you inhale harder to smell the freshness in the air. Or after a gruelling couple of hours hiking up a steep elevation, you finally reach the peak. You stand in awe, catching your breath, feeling the cooling wind on your skin. Sitting by the beach, listening the sea’s musical waves, smelling the salty warm air. There is no way to not be present on these occasions. Just thinking about it brings up feelings of massive wanderlust!

Here in the UK, we’re facing lockdown number 3 and increasingly stricter guidelines for covid. For many people, this is another chance for reflection as they are stuck at home. With no big events to look forward to, it’s an opportunity to notice and be grateful for the small things in life that are around now.

However, there are people who are being negatively affected by the pandemic, especially if you or a loved one has contracted the disease. My thoughts and best wishes are going out to these people.

The world is persistent in its pursuit to divide us, but even now, especially now we have to come together! Follow the way of the wind and carry with you the will to make every moment that little bit better.

Thank you for reading this article. Is there anything in nature that stands out to you without fail? Let me know below, it’ll give me some ideas on what adventure to go on next!

Sending peace and love through the 4th dimension 🙂

ADR – One Human

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