A Floating Wanderer

Mumbling their prayers through sandpaper lips,

While rollercoasting along sapphire hills,

Sunburnt arms tremble to the fingertips,

No plea or scream will take them from the thrills.

One lustful adventurer lost at sea,

Overwhelmed, exhausted by constant doom,

Rage erupted, “Have you forsaken me?!”

Condemned, gently atop the deep blue tomb.

White smoky breath escapes chattering teeth,

Unblinking eyes attracted to the stars,

Battered, broken lying frigid beneath,

The universe and its endless memoirs.

Withering fortitude torn asunder,

Another soul continues to wander.

Happy New Year! I took a long break from writing to focus on work and spending time with my family. It has been a revitalising period and I am raring to get posting! I’ve written poetry before but recently I’ve gained a big interest again. I like how poetry can create vivid imagery that will be experienced differently per reader. This one started from imagining a stranded explorer lost at sea, trying to overcome impossible odds. In this tale, the adventurer met their end with a sight so few will experience. The night sky at sea, so still, bright and beautiful.

Poetry can sometimes be like life, there is no inherent meaning, but the one you give it. This poem doesn’t really have any particular meaning, I just wanted to convey a story about a person lost at sea but you can apply a lesson here. If you’re working your butt off trying to achieve your goals that are long term, you need to persevere. Even if there is no indication for success, you don’t know what good will come out of it unless you try!

Thanks for reading this post, I will be aiming to write one poetry based article per week, to be published every Tuesday. Stay tuned for more, you can subscribe below.

Sending peace and love through the 4th dimension 🙂

ADR – One Human

2 thoughts on “A Floating Wanderer

  1. I enjoyed your poem, it had lots of great imagery in it. Hope your blogging, and your year, is full of poetic surprises and delights. 😊


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