Utopia: The Word Created in Irony

Our heads held high above the mist,

Dreams flutter through the darkness,

A world rich of imaginary hope,

To cower our eyes from the hanging rope.

A place entirely made of perfection,

No fear, anguish or rejection,

Look through the crooked smiles to the bane,

“Why, oh why is there death, shame and pain?!”

Is this really reality?

I woe, iconic, it’s agony,

Chase happiness over the horizon,

Suffer, endure, as you wizen.

Oh, how I long for Utopia,

To run, escape apeirophobia,

My heart shudders as I persist,

Fully knowing it doesn’t exist.

Utopia: an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal.

There is no way to live your life without experiencing pain. You’re going to make mistakes. You will feel sadness, grief, anger, regret, shame and everything in between. There is no way to avoid the suffering. Only through the hardship, can we understand and appreciate the good moments.

We all meet our own demise someday. It might not be this second, or tomorrow, the following week or decades until that fateful day. So live for today. Say that sorry you’ve been holding back. Be as thankful as you can be. Laugh as hard as you want. Let loose those tears, release your pain. We are all here, creating our own meaning in the seemingly infinite universe. Go be whoever you want to be in this world, don’t let anyone hold you back.

Let me leave you with the wise words of Alan Watts.

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Sending peace and love through the 4th Dimension!

ADR – One Human

2 thoughts on “Utopia: The Word Created in Irony

  1. So true. There will always be pain in our existence but denying our feelings is like denying a part of our divine essence. Allan Watts words are indeed wise. Thanks for a profound post. 🙏🌈


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