How to Become Motivated Again

Has lockdown and winter made you a lazy sack of shi…take mushrooms? I feel you, let’s find a way back to your motivated self.

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Living in the UK has two prominent events, weather wise. The first side is the boom of spring and summer; it can turn any frown upside down. Days are long (sunset around 9/10pm), parks become vibrant and you can feel those good vibes all around. Then comes the fall of autumn and winter, lets just say it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Days become short (sunset around 4/5pm) and you feel like you wake up to darkness, work and travel home in colder darkness. It’s no wonder motivation takes a massive slump; there is definitely a ‘cosy’ vibe in the air, you just want to get snuggled up at the end of the day. Take that cosy feeling along with lockdown equals the ‘CBA’ vibe.

If this sounds like what you’ve been through, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! I was spending majority of my time at home and being completely unproductive (*sighs* video games). Nothing wrong with a ‘low period’ but it can be hard sometimes to get back into the swing of things. Usually, I dip a toe or two to casually get back to being productive; however, in a flash, I went from being a lazy fu…dge cake to mustering enough energy to go on a solo road trip. Here’s a few tips I started doing that can help you make the first step to bringing out your best again!

1. Set the bar low

This depends on the task at hand. They say Bill Gates will give the hardest tasks to the laziest employees as they will find the easiest way to get them done. He clearly hasn’t met a master procrastinator, but there is some truth here. For those little errands you have been putting off, look to work smarter, not harder. If those errands are repetitive tasks, how can it be done easier? A little of bit of trial and error and you may find yourself set up saving time (a precious commodity) on a weekly basis.

For finding the motivation for the longer term goals can be tricky. The problem here is being productive can feel like a waste as you won’t see the benefits for a long time. As you can’t see immediate rewards, you’ll be less likely to keep it up. Take this blog for example. I put off coming back for so long, I was feeling the CBA vibe as I haven’t got much of a following yet so who am I writing for? So I tell myself to write one paragraph. Then this turns into two. And then three, etc. You’ll see the snowball effect into doing more work. Telling myself to write to create a super popular and profiting blog is daunting. Setting the bar on just a paragraph is more doable.

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’

– Muhammed Ali

2. Prepare your day the night before

There is nothing I hate more than waking up and feel like I am in a rush. You start the day in a bit of panic and all of your energy is being used to keep a handle on things. You may end up being more likely to skip tasks you’re usually motivated for. To avoid the hassle, I recommend creating a mental picture of how you want the day to go. “Wake up at 7am. Do 30 minute yoga/stretches. Prep breakfast and get clothes ready for work/gym. Leave by 8:30am. Prioritise my work objectives for the day etc.” This is a generic example but you can see how by thinking this way, you may end up doing things to prepare for it the night before, like get the clothes organised or prepare breakfast. It is a small habit you can start to implement straight away which has immediate benefits.

Can even be a list as simple as this! Sounds like my typical Sunday.
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3. Exercise in the morning

Not gonna lie, I preach this but I am definitely a serial skipper of a morning exercise routine. Doesn’t mean I can’t see the huge rewards this can have on your life, physically and mentally. Some of the benefits include:

  • Elevated energy, mood and focus throughout the day
  • Proven to support weight loss by keeping your metabolism high
  • Increased overall activity – makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something and makes you motivated to do more
  • Improves your sleep

If you don’t want to do anything too strenuous in the morning, I highly recommend doing a 30 minute yoga session. Yoga improves blood circulation, brings more oxygen into your body and is very stress relieving. I usually add a 10-15 meditation session after if I have time where I will focus on my breathing and watch what comes into my mind. By watching your thoughts while focusing on your breath, you are able calmly assess your situation and create a solution that works best for you.

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4. Listen to music, daily

My friends and I were talking about how music is probably the best invention humans have made. Music can make any situation better. I personally love to listen to chill electronic music which has a goose bump invoking drop/hook. My favourite time to listen to music is when I’m driving in the car. Before I arrive to work, I’ll be singing and dancing in the car which gets me hyped for the day. If you have time before you go sleep, get your preferred music app up and go through a load of new music. Be warned: you may struggle to sleep due to feeling excited about having the chance to listening to all your new tunes during your commute!

Love to listen to this one in the car, that bass though!

5. talk about it

I can’t emphasise this enough. Going through a lazy period can sometimes be unavoidable. I’ve really noticed lately how humans can inherently slip into unmotivated states. Some people only want to do the bare minimum to get by. There isn’t really anything wrong with that, but are you really pushing your limits to be the best version of yourself this way? When we become low, we’ll make excuses for ourselves which enables us not to feel guilty in barely doing anything.

It can be anyone, family, friend or colleague but reach out to someone who has your best interests at heart. Being able to express how you’re feeling to another person lets you be honest with yourself and makes you feel heard. Speaking to someone about it has the added bonus of bouncing ideas off each other on how to improve the situation.

Whatever you do, accept it as your reality

Doing nothing and then feeling bad about it will get you nowhere. As long as you feel conflict within yourself, it is going to perpetuate itself until you accept your situation. Once you’ve accepted you are unmotivated, you’ve taken the first step in moving away from it. It’s important not to overwhelm yourself with things to do. I love to cook and when I’m adding anything to my dish with a strong taste, I start off with a little then add more if I want to as “you can add more but you can’t take it back.” This applies to how you spend your energy throughout the day. If you keep it simple, you’ll feel satisfied about what you get done and anything more will feel like a bonus.

I decided to keep the list as simple as possible as if you were to do one or two of the above, I’m certain you’ll naturally feel motivated do more and more.

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To you amazing individuals, I’m sending peace and love through the 4th dimension!

ADR – One Human

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