Visualisation: Can it help you achieve what you want?

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Welcome back my 4-D Humans. The other night I couldn’t fall asleep until 4am as my mind wondered to every corner of my brain. After posting my most recent article, I felt inspired to do so much. I was putting off coming back to my blog for so long but when I finally just uploaded something, I felt liberated. In the eerie darkness, I stared at my ceiling and took a deep breath in and exhaled. My internal energy was electric and my mind was thrown into various imaginary worlds where I was different versions of myself. I thought a lot about the future and wondered if visualising who you are can help you achieve what you want.

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Visualisation can be defined as creating different images or animations to communicate a message. Under this definition, if you imagine how you want something to go, you’re telling yourself what you want. But that’s the thing, life doesn’t go the way you want. You could be so hopeful of a certain outcome and when it doesn’t happen, you’re left feeling resentful. It’s not as simple as just wanting to be a certain way, it takes commitment. But commitment to what?

I remember I watched The Secret and was convinced it was just my mindset that was holding me back from my dreams. That I wasn’t thinking positively enough or I just didn’t believe in myself enough. However, I misinterpreted the message. To summarise, the Law of Attraction (LOA) states creating images of what we want in life, whether it be in your mind or physically creating them (via a vision board for example) we have a clearer vision of where we want to be. When we visualise our goals and dreams, you start to attach emotions to them. This keeps us motivated and more likely to reach these goals. The LOA also mentions that in this process, we are elevating our frequency, bringing our energy on the same wavelength with the thing we want. It is a very interesting concept and may help you shape the way you manifest your dreams into reality. You can find more information by following this link.

While the Law of Attraction is focused on creating mental pictures for a future self, this idea runs in conflict with Zen Buddhist teaching. The word ‘Zen’ is a Japanese way of pronouncing ‘Chan’, which is the Chinese way of pronouncing the Indian Sanskrit “dhyana” or “sunya”, meaning emptiness or void. I feel a sense of connectedness understanding the root of the word ‘Zen’. The concept has travelled to one culture to another and unsurprisingly, it all stems from India; which some believe to be the birth place of spirituality. The main emphasis of Zen is the present moment. Having been raised within a western community, the schooling system I was exposed to was all about absorbing a copious amount of unnecessary knowledge in which we are tested on our ability to memorise and correctly replicate the information in an exam setting. Our thinking patterns have been moulded in opposition of the Zen teaching. We obsessively look into our past in order to not make mistakes in the future. The present moment is completely overlooked. There is no point in getting anywhere in life if all we do is think about some other future moment. Life is only now. I got information regarding Zen from this page. It also mentions literature which may be of interest for people who enjoy reading about philosophical ideas.

Two very interesting philosophies with differing messages. Which one do you believe and follow in your life? Well, they can both be useful! They may sound different, but they can be used in conjunction with another. While Zen may show us that there is in fact only the present moment (even if you were to do something in the future, it’d still be in the ‘now’ that it’d be completed) the Law of Attraction reminds us to stay focused on what direction we wish to walk. If we have a vivid vision of our future goals and dreams, everything that happens in the now should be clearer to us as it takes you one step closer to your aspirations. It’s important to be careful not to link our happiness to our goals and not rush the process. We all have our own journey to walk and no two are the same.

That night I laid in bed, I imagined multiple future scenarios, watching them like they were memories. A version of me starting my own domiciliary care firm. Another version becoming a paid worker for the charity I volunteer for. I thought about my blog too, where I manage to develop my own writing style, improve the webpage and reach a wider audience. Who knows what my future will really be, I may experience only one of these or all three will interlink in a beautiful turn of events which may have originated from this moment. I may not even experience any of it, but I’ll have a different story with it’s own merits!

I created a vision board (as pictured above) as I do lose focus easily and there’s a lot I wish to experience. Vision boards may have bad press but there are a number positive benefits in having one. Keep it simple and refer to it when you need guidance in how to progress your story. Your vision board is your way of communicating to yourself of what you want. The most important aspect of visualising is holding the same image or thought of what you want, so stay committed to yourself and who knows, it may happen.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. There is always a chance that your life can improve even if your current circumstances look grim. Visualisation is one way of many to improve it.

As always, I’m sending peace and love through the 4th Dimension.

ADR – One Human

4 thoughts on “Visualisation: Can it help you achieve what you want?

  1. Great post! I’ve done all that you write of here, I’ve created a vision board, set goals but most importantly I continue to live in the now. And be grateful for what I have. I think gratitude and love is key. I love the posts I’ve read so thanks for dropping by my blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have found you! Sending love and light from Melbourne Australia. 💫


    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to go through my articles! I’m glad I clicked on your post, it inspired me to remember what I’m grateful about in life 🙂

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