Tripping into dimensional plains


By this point, I have taken enough shrooms to be comfortable to take a higher dose (16g fresh mexicana mushrooms, medium level trip) and on my own. This time, I wanted to recreate the feeling I had previously and felt I could only do this alone. I ate the shrooms in a bowl of green tea and lemon. Within 30 minutes, my head started to feel lighter and I could feel my teeth (weird way I can tell it’s kicking in). Between 30 mins – 1 hour the high was settling in smoothly and I didn’t feel nauseous so I decided to take a walk. I bought a few cigarettes, (cannot resist them when flying high) a bottle of water and went on an adventure!

Walking was easy, I felt every step was light and everything was brighter. Walking along my neighbourhood was really fun but nothing compared to arriving at my local woods. From the entrance you can see a river of water flow in the woods and when I first saw it, I felt an explosion of energy go through my body. The colours were beautiful and I noticed plenty of bees and insects flying around.

As I walked into the woods, I became aware of how different it looked. I frequently walk here but the colours have never been so vibrant, the trees seemed to danced with one another. I genuinely felt like I wasn’t in control and like nature was guiding me to areas of interest.

I walked past a family playing on swings made from hanging a tree log from tall branches and I could feel how happy these people were. Children were laughing, the parents were bringing out their childish sides and they created a beautiful scene. I continued on my walk and it started to go uphill. Going uphill was tough and when I arrived at the top, I sighed with a big relief that it was over. Slightly out of breath, the sight of a bench filled me so much joy, I nearly cried. I sat there for a while and had some energetic visuals. The spot I would look at, nothing really moved too much, however in my peripheral vision, everything was spinning and twirling. It looked like life was being fast forwarded as people briskly walked past me on the bench.

Sitting there was great, I loved it. I did feel a little paranoid people would know I was on something but there weren’t many around and kind of wanted to tell someone I was an occupant of Shroom City.

After some time, I wanted to continue adventuring, I felt awfully chilly so I wanted to keep on the move. I stumbled (quite literally) into a thicker area of the woods, following the wildlife until I got to a fallen log, covered by bush. I stood on top of the log and a sudden realisation hit me so damn hard. I fucking love life and was overwhelmed by it. Love for nature at first, how I could feel the energy emanating from these woods and flowing through me. Then my love turned towards the world, how special it was to be here, right there, experiencing a moment that only I would truly know about. How special everyone is, each life is unique and the story they lead is as complex as my own.

I started to picture the beginning of time from the big bang, to the formation of different galaxies and the entire known history of our small planet, it’s just mind boggling that you’re consciously aware of the universe and get to actively experience things. We’re so different from other animals that we can vividly imagine something that hasn’t existed (TV, smartphone, musical instruments, art, literature etc) and effectively design and produce it into the world.

I had never felt such clarity before and straight away all I wanted to do was cultivate this feeling so I could continue every moment coming from this place of serenity. I sat on the floor with my back against the log, encased in a den of nature and meditated. The feeling had no bounds and I struggled to not become elated when I realised how simple it all was. Each time I would have a thought/question, it would immediately be answered by another thought. It was such a surreal experience, but was I feeling this way because of the mushrooms or had the mushrooms opened a way to the feelings that have always been there, hidden under a thick layer of ego?

The bitterness of the end

I thought there would be no way I could lose it this time, but soon enough it started to fade away. As it started to fade, I decided to walk through the park opposite the woods where there were a lot of people, enjoying themselves. The sun had decided to come out, I felt more receptive to the energy everyone was generating and couldn’t stop myself smiling while I journeyed through. It was a nice way to finalise the trip, when I got home I was invigorated.

The next day I was back to normal, albeit tired and frustrated again. Maybe I wanted the mushrooms to have a life altering effect on my life. After some time, mulling over the experience, I realised the effects were actually subtle and expecting a dramatic change wasn’t realistic. Here are my few take aways:

  • Life is energy and the energy you give off will affect people and living organisms.
  • Life is so impossibly beautiful, wonderful and special that we must always strive to remember this and be grateful for each moment you get to experience.
  • You can’t experience everything alone.
  • Convinced psychedelics allow you to view the quantum realm and the visuals is your brain temporarily viewing particles in different states. (Will write about this in more detail.)
  • I love drugs, m’kayyyy. They just give you a chance to view life from a different perspective.

Thank you for being here and reading my experience. I cannot recommend it enough to people to try your own adventures. I’ve tried to capture how the different doses affected me, but obviously it’ll be different for you and remember to have fun experimenting like I did!

If you’d like to know where to buy the mushrooms, please message here.

As always, sending peace and love through the 4th dimension.

From One Human ❤

2 thoughts on “Tripping into dimensional plains

  1. What a trip! I think the mushrooms uncovered your true self and how life is really meant to be viewed. If only we could see it like this all the time … but maybe we can. Maybe the Golden Age is right here before us. Thanks for a great read.


    1. I agree Miriam! I think our true self is coming from a place of openness and love but we’ve all seem to have forgotten it. Keep sharing those beautiful photos of yours and I’m sure we’ll reach the Golden Age faster! I appreciate you taking the time to read 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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