Tripping into dimensional plains

How far does the rabbit hole go? Photo by Harshal Desai on Unsplash

It’s been around about a month since I purchased some magic mushrooms and in that time, there has been a lot of experimenting. Ahh jeez, so many revelations and mind holes being blown. To be honest, I haven’t really been focusing on my creativity from the adventures I have had with these dimensional transporters. Nonetheless, I wish to share my experiences I’ve had recently.

Can there be different levels of trips?

Abso-fucking-lutely. As I said previously, I purchased microdosing 1g packets, two sets of truffles and also bought a grow kit. I first tried to microdose and subsequently have experienced it around three times. The first time was truly blissful, the weather was perfect and I felt one with nature. The second time wasn’t as amazing, definitely more subtle but it made doing things more enjoyable. The third time, I did not enjoy at all. I tried to draw and create music but I felt anxious about my work and wasn’t enjoying myself.

After the third time, it made me think, does it just enhance your current state of being? I have heard from other people’s experiences that you have to be in a certain state of mind to ensure a good trip and I felt like I experienced feeling more happy but also was vulnerable to feeling more anxious. It wasn’t too bad as I was only taking 2 grams each session, however, this was a caution to be careful with macrodosing.


I have macrodosed (taken higher than 5 grams) three times. The first occasion, my friends and I split 25 grams of truffles and enjoyed a day at a lake. We had around 8 grams each, washing it down with a beer. The three of us have tried shrooms in Asia and Amsterdam so we were comfortable taking it together, we all had each others back. Very important if you decide to take drugs with others. We found a beautiful spot and chilled out, laughing to the point of tears at the silliest things.

Beautiful, clear skies and sun

The second time I macrodosed, I had just grown a batch of fresh shroom babies, begging to be chowed down. I took 10 grams (beginner level as recommended online) with some green tea and my sister joined me for a session. She had 7 grams of truffles, it was her first time taking psychedelics and I was unsure of the strength of the fresh shrooms I had just grown. It hit me a lot harder but we had a really nice conversation we don’t normally have time for in everyday life, it definitely created a stronger bond between us.

This trip was awesome. I had some visuals, geometric shapes appearing every now and then on objects, kinda like a kaleidoscope. I looked in the mirror and found shapes were all over my body, collapsing into hysterics as I watched shapes spin around my nipples. I thought everything was hilarious but somehow forgot how to use cutlery.

The highlight of this trip was probably when we smoked a small joint together. I chilled in the hammock in our garden and the moon was out during the day. When I closed my eyes, I felt absolute peace and when I opened them again I saw the moon and multiple shapes flow around it. It was a special moment because this was the first time I had felt this way after taking mushrooms/smoking weed. I didn’t want the peace to end, I wanted to live my life while feeling this deepness all the time.

Is that someone on the moon or a smudge on my glasses?

The feeling didn’t last long and I was soon back to reality. But the experience left me thinking, is it possible to always live this way, feeling peace and when something happens you react to it coming from a place of love? I tried to reach this state while meditating but didn’t feel anything as deep as that day. I felt frustrated, why do drugs give you this temporary uplift, why wasn’t I able to feel it naturally?

I started to forget about it all until I did my third and most recent trip, on my own.

2 thoughts on “Tripping into dimensional plains

  1. What a trip! I think the mushrooms uncovered your true self and how life is really meant to be viewed. If only we could see it like this all the time … but maybe we can. Maybe the Golden Age is right here before us. Thanks for a great read.


    1. I agree Miriam! I think our true self is coming from a place of openness and love but we’ve all seem to have forgotten it. Keep sharing those beautiful photos of yours and I’m sure we’ll reach the Golden Age faster! I appreciate you taking the time to read 🙂

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