Can taking psychedelics improve your creativity?

“What drugs you got mate?”

Like I said before, I went through an unproductive period so I’ve been trying everything to get myself doing again. I became fascinated with meditation and the belief that there is a higher consciousness we can place ourselves into. Through meditation you can achieve a natural ego death (enlightenment), where your mind is put aside temporarily and you experience total presence in the here and now. Many accounts state feeling a deep peace and overwhelming feelings of love. You can also experience ego death through, yup you guessed it, drugs.

I wanted to experience ego death and thought a fast way at achieving this would be to take some magic mushrooms. You’d think gaining access to shrooms would be difficult but one google search and a few days of contemplation on whether I should actually order mushrooms to my house, they were on their way.

I ordered a grow kit, two sets of magic truffles (15g & 25g) and 12x1g Psilocybin Microdosing in two packs to the UK. The grow kit arrived within 3-5 business days, but the truffles and microdose packs took a little longer, around 7-10 business days. Always a chance the products can be stopped but I researched the consequences and it seems you just receive a letter from customs to advise the parcel has been stopped.

The truffles, one is called Alien and the other Maakali. Under the description for Alien they say ,”They were captured by our spaceship crew from a group of reptilian looking creatures who seemed to be able to shapeshift rapidly.”  Beam me up, Scotty!

The day after they arrived, I whacked 2 grams of the microdose in some black tea and had a magical day. The weather was beautiful, there is nothing like the summer sun in the UK and I felt like I experienced it for the first time again. It is recommended you take 1 gram every three days, however, I’ve tried shrooms before and wanted an extra kick. Microdosing has multiple benefits as listed below:

  • An increase in creativity, alertness and focus
  • More energy and enthusiasm 
  • A greater awareness and connection to one’s surroundings
  • More open and appreciative to social settings and forming relationships

You don’t have any visuals when you microdose, but I definitely noticed the above benefits on my shroomy walk. I’ll macrodose every now and then, preferably with company, but it’s advised you give yourself 1-2 weeks minimum between dosages over 5 grams of magic truffles.

How can you know if it has increased your creativity?

The simple answer to this question is you can never really know. Taking psychedelics can only really open the door to your productivity, you have to take the plunge to bring out your best work.

I heard a great analogy from the Joe Rogan Experience on Youtube which describes how your brain could be more productive after taking LSD or little shroomies. Your mind is like a giant snowy hill. Imagine when you experience something new, a connection is made in your brain or a groove is made down the snowy hill. As you approach the same experience, it becomes more likely for your to travel down those same grooves. So when you take psychedelics, what it does is allow your brain to face whatever experience without following those same grooves but rather on a fresh snowy hill.

I love being creative, I feel at one with life when I create but my work doesn’t reflect what I have in mind most of the time or I reach one too many obstacles and give up, believing I’d never be good enough to make anything innovative. I’ve been producing music for over a year, but haven’t made any full length songs, mostly melodies. I’ve recently taken up drawing as hobby, about a month ago. So what I decided to do is study the work I produce within an hour. I’ll music produce using FL Studio 20 and draw a picture. I’ll upload my work on a weekly basis and eventually create a portfolio.

Without further ado, the first pieces of ‘Week 0’ are below!

Best to listen with headphones.
I’ve recently quit smoking too… I miss those little bastards.

Obviously, within an hour you can’t fully express a creative idea. However, they can now be used as frameworks for fully developed pieces. In time, I hope to see my creative ability improve with increased focus and commitment to take a piece to its final stage.

Thanks for reading the start of my journey and hope this inspires you to surrender to the moment and be who you really are!

Sending peace and love through the 4th dimension.

From One Human.

One thought on “Can taking psychedelics improve your creativity?

  1. Very interesting journey you are going on. I look forward to hearing more about your trips, and the creative flow you awaken. Ace melody btw!


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