Can taking psychedelics improve your creativity?

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Warning: Don’t take drugs… Unless you want to.

This question seems like a no brainer. When taking psychedelics many people have reported enhanced inspiration for their work and found solace in the little moments life has to offer. For anyone who has taken psychedelics (shrooms, LSD or DMT) knows how profound it can be and how it’ll continue to effect you after your trip out of this dimension.

Many artists have been quoted to say psychedelics have had an affect on their work one way or another. There has been plenty of scientific studies that try to understand what is happening to your consciousness when you’re flying higher than a kite. I could look into each of these studies and give you an unbiased opinion to answer the above question… Or I could just take some drugs and document my findings. The latter sounds much more fun.

Let me digress by saying I have recently gone through a period of life where I was doing nothing. I am sure I am not the only one who has felt the effects of the Coronavirus. With nothing to do, I smoked weed on a daily basis to try and elevate the boredom. The days started to blend into one, I’d work, eat, smoke, be a vegetable and repeat. If I was living alone and/or furloughed, I would have definitely sunk into a deep stoney haze all day and night, never to return to normality.

So instead I’ve decided to become a shroomologist for the next six-eight weeks. Join me in my quest to creative freedom!

One thought on “Can taking psychedelics improve your creativity?

  1. Very interesting journey you are going on. I look forward to hearing more about your trips, and the creative flow you awaken. Ace melody btw!


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